Building Control Solutions

NorthEastern Automated has over 20 years of experience designing and installing Custom Electronics systems throughout Pennsylvania. Our team is a great choice to have your project done right! We’re proud to have been selected as one of the top 100 custom electronics dealers in the country.

Conference Rooms

Enhance your business meetings with the latest audio, video and control technologies for your boardrooms and conference rooms. We seamlessly integrate all technology systems, from projectors to lighting, to audio-video and overall control. We also take into account the time-sensitive …

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Event venues

We understand public spaces and private venues. Whether you are projecting on 150″ screens, sending a feed for a wide area to view, or need to evacuate your building while minimizing panic, we have the experience and credentials to make …

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We provide reliable and productive workspaces by creating the right technology solutions for each business. And technology makes a difference. You can create a corporate event with video and sound displaying your branding and music throughout your workspace. Or install lighting and shade …

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Want to add music to your outdoor seating areas? Looking to put security cameras throughout the common spaces? You’ve come to the right place. We add automation and integrated technology to make your hospitality guest experiences memorable. Set background music …

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Capture Your Audience.  Outfit any classroom or auditorium with a state-of-the-art technology system. Integrating technology in an auditorium requires expert knowledge of how each system communicates with each other, a thorough understanding of devices and applications, and the best approach …

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Health Care / Elder Care

91% percent of seniors use email, 49% have a Facebook account, and 44% play solo games online. The greatest users of Fitbit are Seniors. Most expect to continue these activities as they transition to assisted-living arrangements. The expectation that assisted-care …

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Houses of Worship

Multimedia systems are a required part of Houses of Worship but can be a daunting task for organizations to implement. We walk you through the process, working within your budget and logistical concerns to create a system that will be …

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